Zidni Sat / wall clock

Originalna cena je bila: 10.700,00 rsd.Trenutna cena je: 8.500,00 rsd.

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This wall clock (zidni sat) is handmade from start to finish. It is a one off completely unique piece and was made because of the interesting natural curves of the wood. The sides were filled by epoxy resin which had black pigment added to give a beautiful contrast. Don’t miss out of having something truly unique!

Wall clock - zidni sat

Originalna cena je bila: 10.700,00 rsd.Trenutna cena je: 8.500,00 rsd.

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Wall clock (zidni sat) made from wood & epoxy resin.

The wooden stump was chosen because of its unique wavy pattern. Together with the intention to let this piece of wood continue its life in another form by reusing and ‘up-cycling’ it into the form of a decorative clock.

This is a truly unique one of a kind piece!

There was only one piece made. The unique pattern in the wood and the imperfections are what make this piece so special. Tens of hours were spent preparing the wood by first cutting down to size with a chainsaw. It was then further rendered by a router which is a long and arduous process to make it completely flat and level on both sides. The piece was then sanded. A mould was made and the voids were then filled with epoxy resin and left to sit for 24 hours to fully cure. The piece was again sanded flat and finally finished with a special oil sealant (rubio monocoat).

Do not miss out on this chance to own a beautiful wall clock/zidni sat!

We hope this will be appreciated in its new home!

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