Klub Sto Ručno Rađen / handmade

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Klub sto od punog orahovog drveta sa nogicama od hrasta – Ručni rad

Coffee table from a full piece of walnut slab with legs made from oak.

This piece is made completely of wood without any plastic joinery pieces.

A true one of a kind designer piece from locally sourced timber in Eastern and Central Serbia.

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Klub sto od oraha

15.000,00 rsd

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Klub Sto rucno izrađen od punog orahovog drveta sa nogicama od hrasta.

Ulepšajte vaš dom sa rucno izrađenim nameštajom. Vaš nov klub sto vaš čeka!

Ne propustite priliku, ovo je unikat!

This is a handmade coffee table from a full slab of walnut wood with legs made from oak. Its a truly unique piece that will surely make your home more beautiful! So what are you waiting for.. your new table awaits you!

The wood was sourced from Eastern Serbia (Veliko Gradalište) and brought back to central Serbia where it was first cut by chainsaw into a smaller oval shaped piece. Next the wood was given more shape by using an angle grinder.

The next step was to ‘flatten’ the piece by taking off layer by layer with a router and then sanded by both machine and hand to smoothen the surface. The piece was then oiled to protect and give a nice gloss finish.

The Oak wood for the legs was sourced in Kragujevac in Central Serbia. They were turned and then joined to the table top by way of walnut joiner pieces so that only wood is visible on the entire piece.

We hope you enjoy your new piece of handmade furniture as much as we did making it!


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